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$2.85 by DutchMogul
Made with Tinkercad: https://tinkercad.com/things/4Ob4GVLdmSn
$3.20 by dformer
$4.93 by dformer
A nice 20mm Barrel, just perfect for all kind of wargaming tabletop games in standard 28mm format. Designed hollow to save you money!
$4.27 by wedge
With 3x1mm hole for Magnet. Successful printed in White Strong & Flexible Polished and Royal Blue Strong & Flexible Polished.
$6.46 by DutchMogul
A sentient, self-replicating species of artificial life, the robots known as the Servitors have been in Nexus City for time immemorial. It is specu...
$9.93 by Sear
A raised column upon which you can display one of your favorite little wargaming miniatures. The base is 35mm round, and the flat stand area on the...
$52.34 by Laxy
A large Slaanesh Pendant for all your pleasure seeking needs. Fairly slim, optimised for metallic printing.
$9.94 by xxstyxx
A RPG Tabletop Miniature of a Deep One. Including the Base.
Not For Sale by Dooley
1 inch high and hollow. Wooden slatting with cross beams.
$98.76 by Laxy
Beautifully ornate Runed Khorne Pendant. Optimised for Metallic Printing.