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$13.28 by Benny_Soehave
Old style Buffers/ Kurvepuffer in "TT" scale 1:120 Replacement buffers 8 pairs or enough to fit 4 cars. This is an old design of buffers mostley us...
$14.27 by B1lancer
This is a TT Scale Model of an NSB Skb 202 Skiftetraktor. The model has printed wheelsets so it can be assembled for static display, or you can omi...
$21.22 by B1lancer
CSD 704 TT Scale (1:120), motor, wheels etc required to complete.
$41.24 by Benny_Soehave
DSB Classical B car in 1:120 TT scale. shel only.
$23.68 by EtchedPixels
A two pack of our 48DS shunter in TT (1:120) scale.
Not For Sale by MacG
32' Roadway bridge and 110' length. Build with I-beam 7.
Not For Sale by MacG
Length 110'
$16.36 by ART&DETAIL
$52.00 by kasmichorius
BR 627.1 in Spur TT 1:120