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$6.79 by skyfire
Paired blasters for the flight type Vehicons from Transformers: Prime. Add some firepower to your Armada today! . Tested in WSF&P Update 6/25/13:...
$15.51 by cnomis
Weapon, knowledge, legacy from ancients. This pack including Immobilizor, Polarity Gauntlet, Resonance Blaster & Phase shifter. The Immobilizor spi...
$11.00 by TreadshotA1
TFP Cliffjumper "Stranzer" Weapons Kit- The Stranzer is the ultimate in anti-'Con technology. An entire armory in one weapon, the Stranzer is suit...
$9.50 by TreadshotA1
"What if Starscream actually led the 'Cons? He'd have twin Fusion Boosters, that's what. And they'd attach in Jet mode to make him fly even faster!...
$4.75 by TreadshotA1
A hammer accessory for Legion Breakdown. Changes the right hand into a hammer. Hammer head swivels for posing. Weapon transforms into a roof-mounte...
$5.00 by TreadshotA1
$6.00 by cnomis
A show accurate blaster for TF Prime Voyager Breakdown. This blaster could attach to the shoulder like in show, or alt mode.27 Nov 2103 update: Jus...
$5.32 by TreadshotA1
$4.75 by TreadshotA1
Blaster accessory for Legion TFP Windrazor. Connects to other weapons using multiple 3mm ports on blaster.
$7.00 by TreadshotA1