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$46.86 by oopsclunkthud
Holder for Westach 2in gauges. Designed to be mounted with an M8 bolt. Recess inside to hold an M8 nut. Requires a spacer 0.5" in length with a 0.5...
$28.87 by oopsclunkthud
Adaptor to mount a 2in westach gauge on a Vespa VNA split headset. Also threaded on sides (3/8-16) for ram-mount 1" ball.
$9.00 by balisongman07
Print at own discretion, The wires holding the feet are as thin as i could safely make them.
$35.20 by Racer X
“24 Inch Gauge” is shown here in stainless steel. There are five different stainless steel coatings available for you to choose from. It is als...
$12.85 by artfulshrapnel
 The worst ear plug the internet has to offer. Use this model for gauges from 4 gauge to 00 gauge (5-10mm). Includes a slightly raised rim for...
$6.28 by watshsname
$19.45 by joe1029
Because of the nature of 3d printing, the material may feel a little rough to the touch. They come out mostly smooth with a slightly rough texture,...
$11.08 by GCM
This is the GCM Racing Gauge Panel for the VTH Interior Kit also available here. This is only available in the detailed Frosted Ultra material. You...
$42.49 by Grotesque
Gargoyle Gauge Earring - 10mm different sizes on request!
$6.05 by yeswac
Tgauge House (1:450 scale). Best printed in FD or FUD due to fine details (window frames, chimney pots etc). Glass can be added inside the model sh...