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$20.00 by er1c
A turbine kit designed to work with Theo Jansen's AG5 and AG7 strandbeests, available here at shapeways: Animaris Geneticus Parvus #5 , Animaris Ge...
Not For Sale by Havok_Works
Designed for use with Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap. *Not Yet Tested.
$39.94 by TheoJansen
[Note: This propeller propulsion add-on does not include a 3D printed Strandbeest, which should be bought seperately! This propeller only fits the...
$101.59 by TheoJansen
Check out the new Gracilis as well! It's a lot bigger and walks even better! The first public evolution of the Animaris Geneticus Parvus, #5. Feat...
$113.00 by TheoJansen
Bigger is better? In their evolution, Theo Jansen’s 3D printed Strandbeests have now also grown larger, almost double the size of the AGP Strandb...
$55.93 by TheoJansen
The smallest Strandbeests ever! Theo Jansen’s 3D printed Strandbeests are also evolving to micro scale, so they can also survive in small nooks a...