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$20.46 by mkermol
The perfect gift for the fantasy fixated signifficant other. This small heart shaped pendant is a support cage for a fictional steam powered m...
$106.43 by stop4stuff
$5.00 by Ziroby
A Steampunk-style key with a pentacle and a gear
Not For Sale by zlwilly
It's a scale model of a steam vessel, like a miniaturized boiler. Modeled by Zachary Williamson.
Not For Sale by Vladimir_Lenin
$32.98 by arklan
A replica of a victorian era item, this is a model of a ring which is also a revolver. A perfect accessory for the steampunk or victorian enthusias...
$10.49 by lee7670
A nice ring that has a suspended torus.
$100.83 by AlexBoemker
A pendant for the steampunk in you.
$40.00 by huan80
A large Steampunk themed twenty sided die.
$49.97 by aeron203
This bottle opener is styled convincingly like an old key. This can be worn on a lanyard, belt or wallet chain, but at four inches long, it may not...