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$57.97 by Atropos907
Not For Sale by Sovereign
Please, no printing or copying of this model without my permission!Custom ship designed by me. Is a reconnaissance and intelligence gathering ship...
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$7.97 by coines23
The Zephyr class destroyer is fast and armed with torpedoes and a variety of close in defensive weaponry. Some may find this ship large for an esco...
$8.90 by coines23
The Jovian Alliance's most common ship of the line
$7.99 by Rabidchild
A tiny ship, the USS Coquille is a national guard cutter and the most common ship in the fleet. It is also the oldest class, having seen numerous ...
$4.88 by coines23
Brave little defender of the Jovian Alliance Navy.
$21.57 by coines23
Jovian Alliance's mobile command center.
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The Novus Regency Labros class corvette is a sturdy little patrol ship, lightly armed, but agile and quick.