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$22.66 by martinkrcha
$15.97 by Dotsan
The Wired Life Head Collection is an ongoing experiment to create designs which push the boundaries and get the most out of 3D printing. The trophy...
$28.14 by studiococorico
This case is the first of the "triangle&animals" cases collection from studio cocorico. It's a nice and trendy way to get an original 3d printed pi...
$31.70 by martinkrcha
$6.50 by Hindenpaul
Kabuto Wrench Version 1!
$7.00 by Hindenpaul
Version 2 of the kabuto wrench; the horns are larger.
$7.00 by Hindenpaul
A non-wrench version of the kabuto wrench pendant.
$39.11 by studiococorico
caribou case for iphone 5 designed by studiococorico.
$25.00 by hyerz
$20.24 by zoology
wall decoration. Lightweight, easy to hang with small pin or tape.