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$11.00 by alaswadi
The Jasmine Bangle is simply beautiful. Bangle Inner diameter: approx. 2 .4 inches (6.16 cm)
$38.00 by designerica
Resembling the moon or an asteroid, this large pierced sphere is sure to draw attention when perched atop your finger. The perforated hollow ball ...
$20.00 by designerica
The smallest member of the moonball family, this ring features a single round cratered hollow moon. The ball is 0.4in (10mm) in diameter.The ring i...
$30.00 by designerica
A single medium moonball to perch atop your finger. This moonball is the same size as the larger ball on the Double Moonball S/M Ring. You can st...
$65.50 by cnnoie
Stackable ceramics espresso cup
$32.57 by tstormer
A stackable cup for Ristretto sized drinks.
$69.32 by Gaya
MY CUP - Stackable mug, stabelbarer Becher
$11.68 by ma_meister
This beautiful ring will stack when wearing several. It can be adapted to fit different finger sizes. Best in polished silver. Diameter is 18mm.
$61.06 by Ina_
textured cuff ••• light as a feather ••• extremely comfortable to wear ••• can be combined with different colors ••• availa...
$58.75 by MOUNT
Carry a piece of landscape on your finger! Inspired by the swiss mountains, (el)Mount represents a faceted peak that will surprise you by its beaut...