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Not For Sale by pzich
Extruded vertices from a sphere (as a test).
$25.57 by aceospades1250
This puzzle is a shape modification of a Rubiks cube. This file includes masters only; you will have to mold and cast the rest yourself.See http://...
$49.29 by martinkrcha
Spiky ball
$26.82 by GADesign
Do You love spikes, they’re everywhere! On Shoes, Clothing and Accessories. It’s amazing how a simple outfit can change just by adding a few sp...
$26.00 by Mixingtides
$15.74 by joe1029
Not For Sale by joe1029
$9.02 by BitsBlitz
Feel like beating your enemies to pulp? These spiked gauntlets will do the trick! Suitable for 28mm scaled models. Set includes 5 left and 5 right ...
$30.00 by RareBreed
Spinosaurus miniature, 1:100 scale model dinosaur mini by ©2012-2014 RareBreed.