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$47.62 by iSay
Update version of Minecraft Monsters. This version is textured with the monsters skins, rather than in-game material. With the addition of the Ende...
$6.21 by tomatohead
Spider web design by Andrew van Ees, tomatohead, on shapeways
$26.01 by scientist2010
A delicate and elegant item that doesn't hide your flame but makes it more beautiful. The tea light consists of three interwoven nets of different...
$5.67 by srd1of7
From nursery rhymes, to horror, this little artisan had captured the imagination of of many in it's web. I've taken this fine little specimen and t...
$3.36 by Bucry
spider necklace
Not For Sale by Vidalcris
$11.41 by kweenix
The Nazca spider drawing converted to a pendant. The original nazca spider drawing measures about 46x28 meters! Note that the hole is 3mm, so be ...
$21.29 by LonesomeMerchant
Headcrab ring. Size: 18mm diameter. Available in all metal materials. Post a comment if you want it in a specific size. Cheers!
$26.33 by WillLaPuerta
Based on the locket from The Illusionist, this turns into a heart if you twist the bottom half all the way around and allows you to swing the top o...
$35.37 by shannonxy
A red miniature chair with a design at back as a desktop toy that can hold anything from "post it" , clips to name cards, or even a key ! Have fun!