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$5.08 by SirisC
A d2 made from the dual of a standard sphereicon. (made from a cylinder instead of a dual-cone) Pips are placed on either side to see the result.
$18.30 by SirisC
Sphericon made from a rounded 4 pointed star. (Slightly elongated to ensure it will land in a readable position.)
$8.61 by SirisC
A dual sphericon based on a 4 point star.
$14.67 by seanmichaelragan
An oloid-type shape proportioned to have a level center of gravity when rolling. It thus rolls much more easily than a proper oloid.
$56.34 by seanmichaelragan
An oloid-like solid proportioned as a 2-circle roller; that is, proportioned to maintain a level center of gravity when rolling, which results in m...
$208.84 by JohnReevesTaylor
Spinfx™ executive desk toy is the ideal size and designed for the office desktop, Spinfx™ office desk toy is made of strong 3D printed metal an...
$180.65 by JohnReevesTaylor
The sydewinda™ is a unique kinetic executive desk toy, a 3D printed kinetic desk sculpture combining geometrical and physical principals to produ...
$24.96 by JohnReevesTaylor
The minimoova™ is a smaller desk toy gift, unique, compact & one of a kind. The minimoova™ is an executive desk toy approximately 2.5in/67mm in...
$13.74 by vgenel
OctoRoller Classic is the most basic wireframe form of a Geometric object Sphericon. On a slightly tilted surface it will roll straight wobbling a ...