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$22.57 by aegidian
The WOSAT Running Wizard emblem, rendered as a pendant.
$10.00 by ShawnMoghadam
Spaceship FBSS-1. This design was done with a little help from my buddies on Facebook. Hope you like it.
$10.00 by ShawnMoghadam
This was one of the first models I printed using Shapeways. I learned a lot of lessons in 3D printing because of this model. It is a small puzzle...
$36.70 by ArtnScience
1/48th scale speedform sculpture. Original design
$14.76 by ammoniteA565
robotic horse high speed
$51.90 by gkorn
A scale model of a
$8.00 by ShatteredMold
Here's a cool knob designed especially to be used with push-pull pots/knobs on electric guitars. I found the standard knob styles, with the widest ...
Not For Sale by benpuzzles
This is my speedcube design. I have prototyped this puzzle, but am unable to sell it due to a few issues.
$20.00 by ShawnMoghadam
Enjoy you favorite little beverage in this one of a kind spaceship inspired drinking cup/frame combo. This is the frame part of 2 parts for the Es...
$24.99 by Greasetattoo
This is a esc holder to hold a electronic speed control. This was made for the DYS 30 amp ESC. It can be mounted with double stick carpet tape and ...