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$18.62 by Kidmechano
The Deluxe edition of the Hoplite set, includes shield, sword, sword clip, helmet, leg guards, shoulder armor, and the new 'neck-less', flair-shoul...
$95.00 by stevecim
Spartan Shield Pendant , 30mm diameter
$25.00 by stevecim
Spartan Shield, 16mm diameter
$130.00 by stevecim
Spartan Shield has a 60mm belt buckle
$15.00 by stevecim
Spartan Cuff Links16mm* diameter shields* Please note that some materials may have up to 5% shrinkage. This is a side affect of the manufacturing p...
$99.00 by lensman
Another of my Spartan rings, this one is size US12. I have a few sizes in my store. If you'd like another let me know.
$14.26 by lucaspurcell
Spartan helmet pendant.
$18.90 by lucaspurcell
Spartan Shield
$35.00 by stevecim
Basic Spartan Helmet pendant
$2.75 by TreadshotA1
"The Scinta Battle Axe is a 3mm weapon, made to cleave armour and crush helms. A dented blade not just a mark of war, the scar was made to tear pan...