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Albania Jewelry - Albanian Flag Eagle Earring/Pendant B - Shqiponja e flamurit ne forme vathi (ose vareseje) - Bizhuteri
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- Ring size is 10 - If you need another size, please let me know.- Height is 6 mm- Background is 1 mm - Thickness is 1.5 mm- Dutch herbs are an imp...
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The Wasabi Wand! Billions of people eat sushi across the globe, this stainless steel device can make certain you have the perfect wasabi/soy sauce ...
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Fake Bowl I think this models best fits a ceramic material, but of course you can experiment with other materials. This model has four holes , and ...
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This is a canary bird stand, that can be used as a desk buddy, and as a souvenir. The minimum wall thickness varies from 1.5mm to 2mm. This model i...
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This is another model of a bird that is on a stand. It is a duck, and its wall thickness is more than 2mm. It was made in Blender 3D, and I hope th...
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This is Armenian Petroglyphs model of the Deer Petroglyphs (also called rock engravings) are pictogram and logogram images created by removing part...
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Souvenir of Amsterdam. Printable in Black or White Strong & Flexible Plastic, Alumide, Elasto Plastic or Frosted Detail.