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$55.76 by BernieMc
This soap dish is designed to drain into a sink.
$29.20 by jonwondo
Soap dish with overlapping circle pattern. Looks really nice in ceramic.
$17.13 by EWK25
bubble soap dish - the perfect place for your soap.
$28.00 by dstraussdesign
Soap Dish (top) ONLY - NO SOAP..... The Bodoni Soap Dish was inspired by the Vignelli’s Soap Bubble Chair Mold, which is located in the Vignelli...
$85.00 by EmergingObjects
$200.64 by kurtvdb
$33.62 by jacquesbazin
$5.41 by Wylfreed
A simple yet fashion soap dish !
$24.87 by gharryh
Used in Parabolic dish design Made for a 120Cm dish with a focal length of 60Cm
$29.93 by FutureForms
Dipping dish with two surfaces ideal for olive oil and balsamic vinegar.