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Not For Sale by willc2
created in maya, dxf exported to geomagic, saved as stl
Not For Sale by misterwobbley
My first ever blend - a nice Skull Ring. Pretty pleased with the way it looks (gotta stop fiddling with it tho'')
Not For Sale by moxstudios
$15.00 by Nargvark
Cute Halloween Themed Tea Light / Napkin Holder, there's a lot more cool and fun ways to display this little character! *Suggest only using Batter...
$16.93 by delsydsoftware
Be the first on your block to own an official I Heart Chaos coin!
$34.66 by delsydsoftware
The official I Heart Chaos keychain. Put it on your keys! Launch it from a slingshot into the front window of your neighbor's house! Coat it in hon...
$36.64 by JewelryLab
men's skull band, finger size 9 3/4, if you need a different size please contact me top measures 15mm wide, bottom 7mm wide
$25.72 by JewelryLab
This pendant was designed for tough guys, if you are one of them then you'll know what to do :) Measures 20.5mm high x 27.5mm wide
$97.71 by SteveMoore
This is an anatomically correct sculpture of a human skull. Great care was taken to accurately capture the proportions of a real skull. The printed...
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