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$184.35 by TomZ
The Dino Skewb is a combination of two famous puzzles, the Dino Cube and the Skewb. The Dino Skewb's mechanism is based on my Tetrahedral Twins (al...
$184.49 by TomZ
This is the Compy Skewb. It is a combination of the Skewb and the Compy Cube (shallow cut Dino Cube). It was conceived after a suggestion from Carl...
$150.00 by TomZ
This is the Helicopter Skewb puzzle, which is a combination of the Skewb and Helicopter Cube puzzles. This puzzle has two very unexpected propertie...
$65.00 by Polymaker
Require only one small screw* to assemble the two half of the core. One center is empty to allow the screw to be screwed after the puzzle is assemb...