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$11.62 by ninjya
A Japanese ninja's traditional arms, a shuriken. This was used as an old arm. However, now, it is not used as arms. Since the tip is sharp, it i...
$4.20 by Aurum
$3.26 by MiniMunitions
Japanese Ninja weapon, mostly to be thrown. This one fits in the hand of a figure because of its thickness
Not For Sale by NinjaStar
Blood Spatter is part 2 of the set. Designed to be adhered to the wall with 3M double sided tape (12mm) There is a recess at the back of "Blood S...
$10.42 by BlakesUsername
A Shuriken, sure to meet all your ninja throwing star needs.
$5.17 by CiroFelipeLacerda
$36.15 by Yac79
ninja shuriken, real ninja weapon!
$73.95 by cebt
model of Robin's shurikens from the Arkham games for cosplay purposes.
$62.79 by helmarw
a life sized LEGO Ninjago Shuriken for my sons carnival costume ;) i can print it for you at half the prize of shapeways if you like but only in A...
$57.32 by Knightwing316