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$43.60 by lensman
A pendant for runners that let's the world know exactly that!
Not For Sale by PodoTools
Shoe, heel made of characters. 3D Logotesting black str&flex, size of stiching, character styles
Not For Sale by Leander
For all girls who don't dare wearing this kind of high heel, why not putting one on each ear? I have this in two sizes. This one is about 2.5 cm, t...
Not For Sale by INNERLEAF
This Shoe is the Top Part of a 2 Part Shoe concept designed by Janina Alleyne & Modelled by INNER | LEAF. Janina Alleyne is a very talented Shoewe...
$6.67 by stop4stuff
Horse Shoe and Ring puzzle.My version of an impossible looking, yet simple puzzle.The object of the puzzle is to remove the ring from the center.La...
Not For Sale by TLV3D
The Future of Footwear. The Flame Shoe - by TLV
$146.40 by TLV3D
$45.40 by opresco
Dedicated to Pete, Robert, Michiel & Stijn :-) For your next Jenever, Coffee, Sake, Ouzo, Tequila, Espresso, Cappuccino, Vodka, Scotch, Whiskey —...
$63.10 by leessmith
Feeling lucky, you will with this horseshoe around your neck.
$67.71 by CorellaStudios
For the true shoe affictionados, a beautiful heart pendant formed from a pair of elegant heels.