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$46.59 by Daviuss
"...Turn this ship around an GO for HARD BURN. " 100mm Display Series **TRIBUTE** Ship with 2 3mm mount holes and has been hollowed, but is still o...
$16.72 by Enki-Saar
If there's a ring that symbolizes cutting edge 3D printed jewelry... this is the one. This ring has an inner diameter of 18mm. For different sizes...
$44.00 by OBjuan
$22.00 by OBjuan
Sacred Geometry Decision Assistant Hold between fingers and spin. Let the pointer chose your path, or better yet, which person to kiss... Predet...
$33.00 by OBjuan
twisting rings loop together in 6 pointed pocket fob. fab...
$11.00 by OBjuan
$33.00 by OBjuan