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Not For Sale by cbertucio
It's a wax seal stamp of the custom coat of arms of my fiance and Me. Designed to fit onto a small handle bought from a local craft store.
$27.00 by mrkl28
Customizable wax seals great for wedding invitations, formal events and certificates. The design of choice is limited only to your imagination. *P...
$30.04 by AnarketLLC
Shapeways Image Popper
$86.00 by aeron203
This wax seal stamp combines graceful curves with classical and mechanical accents, and is a perfect way to add a personal touch to your gifts, pac...
$150.00 by lensman
A sea lion coursing through the water, captured on a bracelet. Inner diameter is 6.4cms but with the open ends there is some flexibility with regar...
$23.13 by 4reydo
US Great Seal
$6.78 by mikle93
Seal ring with RW64 (20,4mm Diameter). For custom sizes feel free to contact me! Letters can also be used, if you have any wishes on this, please c...
$15.00 by Gear-wise
"Taka no Ha" or Hawk Feathers, this is a crest used by some Japanese families back in feudal times. This stamp can be used with many materials, l...
$31.56 by Reveur
$53.28 by MatthewM
Fan of architecture, military tactics, or beautiful geometric form?____________________________________________________________________________ Is ...