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$9.72 by cyhawk
Arnold is a professional hero. Made for our D&D game. The sword came out in two pieces in Frosted Detail and most of the details on the head are ...
$6.19 by cyhawk
Hilda is disguised as a duck. Made for our D&D game. Came out fine in Frosted Detail, although miniscule details (eyes, fingers) are hard to make...
$8.43 by cyhawk
Therl the Dwarf has learned to breathe an atmosphere of beer. Made for our D&D game. Came out nicely in Frosted Detail.
$4.92 by cyhawk
Stumblewick the Gnome wears a castle as a hat. Made for our D&D game. Came out very nice in Frosted Ultra Detail.
$6.87 by cyhawk
Some sort of monster that we fought a lot of and expect to fight more. Made for our D&D game. There is too much tiny detail for Frosted Detail. I...
$45.48 by vandusbp
Alien Creature, best in strong white and flexible - polished.
$402.97 by Akeiron
Dragon head made with Sculptris
$30.84 by Brambo
Not For Sale by intensechubbynarwhal
This is a little sculpture I made in Sculptris. Rendered images are from Cinema 4D. The 3 photos are of the printed model in the "Alumide" material.
$49.23 by Brambo
Fat and happy Buddha