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$9.15 by johan.beukes
Keychain screwdriver
$9.27 by johan.beukes
keychain screwdriver
Not For Sale by Whompy
Bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, phillips head screwdriver, 10mm socket wrench, pry bar, blank piece. Lessons Learned: Don't bevel in the de...
$6.01 by WelshDesigns
$6.62 by Abcan
This little gadget can be used to hold up your keys so they wont end up in the bottom of your pockets. The flat headed front portion can be used as...
$18.99 by mdahlgren
My first functional work—I've always had trouble finding a screwdriver when I most needed one. With this keyring, you'll never be far from a usef...
$4.09 by Jakelton
This is the tip of the sonic. Choose white to be able to paint yours blue. (Purple is VERY similar pics to come)
$11.64 by Jakelton
This is the rear cap of the screwdriver
$6.74 by Jakelton
This is the front piece of the screwdriver
$16.72 by Jakelton
This is the 10th Doctors main body of the screwdriver