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Not For Sale by arnsteio
This is a small Japanese "hirajiro" plains castle from the sengoku period. Castle bases were simply made of earth so for the castle to survive the ...
Not For Sale by arnsteio
A 10mm timbered Japanese house. Suitable e.g. as the home of a rural samurai.
Not For Sale by arnsteio
Small sengoku-era house for 10mm miniatures. Suitable as the dwelling of a rural family.
Not For Sale by arnsteio
Watch tower suitable for Japanese castles before 1600AD, and outposts much longer than that. It's suitable for 10mm miniatures.
$5.29 by Kidmechano
Double-up on the deadly with two Samurai swords for your figures. Standard grip
$14.66 by cryper
part of a ninja war themed chess set. i liked this piece itself so i figured why the hell not. it was the king piece.
$16.52 by jens.renders
This is a miniature replica of a Samurai sword. The handlebar has a little hole in it so you can wear it as a necklace.
Not For Sale by Cradders
the mysterious 'mini ninja', so called as no-one knows his name. A silent hero, this figurine catches the instant that he squares up against an unk...
$65.81 by Tarum
  The Leader of the clan Manji, 4.4inch (11.2cm) and ultradetailed.
$133.76 by Tarum
 The Leader of the clan Manji, 5.8inch (14.8cm) and ultradetailed.