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Not For Sale by atammaro
Bangle cuff. 2.5 inch ID
Not For Sale by michaellla
The Birdman is a digitally created and manufactured moveable sculpture. The design was inspired by automata and mechanical toys. I wanted to make a...
$33.98 by akeno
A small college video game character project I did years ago. =) Backstory on him is that he was banished and cursed with immortality, and when the...
$11.58 by ChrisArtscapes
a japanese sword I made
$22.33 by ChrisArtscapes
A one person space fighter
$23.32 by froland
Dodecahedron filled by a dense neuron-like mesh with a total surface area of 600cm^2.
$271.98 by froland
Heavy physics paperweight when glued on marble.Artistic impression of the Physics experiment described by this research highlight:http://hasylab.de...
$13.86 by eyalww
Complicated thing
$31.75 by froland
For pencils and flowers, as table decoration or desk tool. This double wrapped voroni heart glass is a real eye candy.The double walls made from a ...
$24.90 by monitep
You can customize this bracelet with the text you want!-inner diameter is approximately 70mm-il diametro interno è approssimativamente 70mm -diam...