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$3.36 by Demon4511
This is a Cubic Twisty Puzzle Stand. (Demon Cubes Design) Warning: It has not been prototyped yet.
$32.00 by vertigopolka
Twisty Two looks like a highly evolved taffy pull.
$38.00 by SteveMarshall
This puzzle consists of a 2x2x2 twisty puzzle on the inside, and a burr puzzle outer shell. The inner 2x2x2 is only solved when the outer shell pie...
$4.45 by ruiter
Twisty Earring or pendant
$462.01 by Oskar_van_Deventer
Twisty Tree is a fractal twisty puzzle. Any leaf can change place with any other leaf after some turns. Watch the YouTube video Read at the Shapew...
$91.75 by gregoboyo
This is unique in the world and it is the equivalent of the pentagonal prism, but in a ball. It is fully functionnal and this is a full print. The ...
$10.94 by Demon4511
This is a 1x2x3 Twisty puzzle.
$521.43 by DMan
$28.64 by Dearborn3D
The weirdest hand citrus juicer I've ever designed or seen for that matter.
$7.00 by vertigopolka
This Stretchy Twisty Spiral Necklace is approximately 25 inches long (about 8 inch diameter).Take a look at the video to see the flexibility.Please...