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$30.44 by mught
$26.47 by mught
Not For Sale by GoldSwordDesigns
The official guitar pick of the band Geist Corps. All rights reserved 2013.
$120.00 by bitstoatoms
Size 6 Size 7 Size 8 Size 9 Size 10 Size 11 Size 12 The Skull Ring by Bits to Atoms is 3D printed with a slightly tessellated surface finish hint...
$7.38 by Hazelphoenix
$30.00 by seedlingdesign
Seedling’s motivation for creating this crystal sculpture was to create a 3D tessellation pattern of progressively smaller crystals all emanating...
$3.06 by jordanbanks
An amazing mini rock monster who stands his ground perfect for one of those things to have that your freinds dont.
Not For Sale by WillLaPuerta
Two dice with rock, paper, and scissors hand gestures on the sides. Take all the tactics out of the game next time and replace it entirely with ran...
$366.15 by aeron203
One of the headpieces I created for Halloween 2010. This model is based on a 3D scan of my head to ensure a perfect fit, but it also fit well for e...
$55.00 by lensman
Are you a fan of the band "U2" ? Girlfriend a fan? Perfect gift, 'nuff said ! Note: Only order ONE to get the pair. ("Shepherd's Hook" hangers incl...