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$13.20 by opresco
• Based upon the geometry of the RHOMBICTRIACONTAHEDRON • 30 faces numbered 1-30; the sum of oposing faces = 31 See my New Spring Loaded Dice: ...
$34.89 by eTraxx
On30 Critter designed to used the Stanton drive
$13.21 by loki3
This unique shape is a 30 sided die.It's a twice zonohedrified icosahedron, an order 3 polyisohedron. Though it actually has 90 sides, this design ...
$2.02 by lynsey
$9.88 by Ro_Bert
This mounting bracket can be used to assembly and align the EMG 30 DC gearmotor. (also motors in diameter range from 25 – 33 mm) The M4 th...
$100.00 by vertigopolka
$10.00 by 4Dm8tor
Looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for a special someone with a milestone birthday or anniversary? The penny ball is a unique gift that is as much...
$14.04 by nic022
$12.82 by DrescherDesigns
A unique combination of two disciplines...a triply periodic minimal surface is embedded in a geometric octagon based on crystal geometry. Available...
$15.00 by henryseg
Since making the 30-cell puzzle, we have generalised and extended it to the Quintessence family of puzzles. Note that the Quintessence puzzles are ...