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$12.21 by Jasonkal
This is a 1/6th scale version of the Fortress Crystal (aka The Crystal of Knowledge) This is a five-sided Kryptonian crystal that can be used to ...
$5.44 by Jasonkal
1/6 Scale version of the Book of Rao from Smallville. This is only half you will need to order two to stick together (Recommended one Black Detail ...
$3.40 by Jasonkal
1/6 Scale version of the Book of Rao from Smallville
$6.04 by Jasonkal
1/6th scale version of the Crystal of Air .. This is one of the three stones of power from Smallville used to create the fortress crystal.
$8.04 by Jasonkal
1/6th version of The Crystal of Water, or Water stone, was one of the three Stones of Power that, when united, created the Crystal of Knowledge.
$32.98 by arklan
A replica of a victorian era item, this is a model of a ring which is also a revolver. A perfect accessory for the steampunk or victorian enthusias...
$30.00 by tk1055
I decided after being asked to do a custom badge for a friend I would do a joke one as well. Bonus points if you get the joke. Badge is done in t...
$38.16 by MHFD
Hollow and 3/4 scale fan rendering of the earliest concept art for the former Wiki-listed image for the Asajj Ventress Lightsabers. Listing is for...
$47.43 by paulelderdesign
The Scion that was found in The Tomb of Qualopec by Lara. each of these pieces were worn around the necks of the Atlantean Gods Qualopec, Tihocan a...