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Not For Sale by npdcrazypyro
A spinning toy top made mostly out of intersecting rectangular prisms.
$6.10 by ivankckwok
$31.32 by opresco
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$26.50 by bluelinegecko
Throw away that cheap petstore tag and treat your pet to this custom pet tag. Or get one for yourself to wear as a pendant. Available in plain st...
Not For Sale by donfriedlich
$138.28 by Madly123iamme
$51.41 by ColeHastings
A 3D representation of the Golden Rectangle. It can be worn as a pendant from many different angles or simply displayed as a cool and interesting i...
$48.00 by Spandrel
Found in traditional Japanese homes, tatami mat floors are typically made of straw. The arrangement of these rectangular mats follow a precise aspe...
$49.31 by SilverSpiralArts
Geometric Repeating Retangles Ring. This lovely piece of 3D printed jewelry is available in sterling silver, gold plated brass (22k gold plate),...
$81.94 by StephanFriedrich
Patrick Tetragon is available in all sizes between 15.0 and 19.5 mm inside diameter. If you got any questions or adding wishes to the ring - just ...