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$37.74 by radersrus
A keychain version of Ratchet and Clank's omniwrench. Ratchet and Clank is owned by Insomniac Games.
$8.13 by krabuck
Larger version of the Clank keychain! Modelled after Clank from the Ratchet and Clank game series on Playstation.
$18.20 by Drawn-SteelHero
6-part model kit to build Ratchet robot mode figure with swivel-jointed head and arms. Stands 55mm tall.Vehicle mode model available here: http://w...
$16.55 by Drawn-SteelHero
4-part kit to build Ratchet ambulance mode or Ironhide van mode model. Kit consists of van body, two pairs of rolling wheels and ambulance lightbar...
$16.92 by Drawn-SteelHero
12-piece kit builds repair bay/battle station accessory for Ratchet/Ironhide figure.
$19.04 by writerwolf
New chest plate, neck and head for the Transformers Prime Ratchet deluxe figure. Using these new parts you can change your Ratchet figure into a v...
$5.17 by dmac
Handle and ratchet, can be modified to fit other assemblies.
$8.84 by Tresob
Set includes one helmet and one vest suitable for upgrading your building toy miniature figurines.
$21.28 by writerwolf
Conversion kit to make the Transformer Prime RID Ratchet figure into the 1989 Micromaster character Pipo (from Victory) or FixIt from the Marvel co...
$1.67 by GenViper
A ratchet wheel that is 12mm in diameter, 14mm tall.