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$26.64 by ay2b
This model was inspired by the "restraining bolt" used in Star Wars, by Jawas to prevent their droids from wondering off. Multiple can be stacked,...
$19.32 by TomD-
This design includes 2 pieces, one for the front and one for the rear. Material should be white strong and flexable.
$12.73 by WelshDesigns
This is a cookie cutter, it can also be used for clay or Play-Doh.
$21.99 by scottparsons
R2-D2 inspired ring. Original design. Complete with Radar eye and logics display. Designed with comfort fit. Ring in sample photo was made in poli...
$22.79 by scottparsons
R2 Inspired Ring Size 10 1/2 or 20.2 mm inner diameter
Not For Sale by scottparsons
$49.81 by seventhz777z
This is the backside of the droid Pocket Vent. Curved to match the body. Plate should glue to the face for a complete look
$10.58 by seventhz777z
Curved coin return slot to fit front and rear Coin Returns. Need 3 for one droid. Slot open on top for functionality purposes.