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$19.99 by DanGerst
For the enigmatic personalities out there The pendant is less than 1.5" in width and height
$33.99 by DanGerst
$6.15 by lukas.suess
If you don't know Haskell look here:http://www.haskell.org/
$20.64 by lukas.suess
This is a plate with the Haskell sign designed to be worn on the body.If you don't know the programming language Haskell you can take a look here:h...
$12.16 by duann
Shapeways Interlocked Cubes are designed to show off how cool selective laser sintering is and how you can make sweet products with interlocking pa...
$19.99 by DanGerst
An anchor pendant to satisfy your nautical needs. All anchor, all day, no filler.
$30.00 by Cora_Joseph
A ring inspired by simple crafts. A bent piece of wood is fastened with a single nail.
$17.18 by Gijsraaf
Radio Microphone Pendant When Music or Radio is important in your life, this pendant is for you! Also een very nice gift for special occasions. Oth...
$24.55 by Gijsraaf
Hammer pendant. this one is made for www.ticketveiling.nl, but other text is possible of course. no extra charge, mail me for more info. doesn't in...
$31.57 by {DF}
Voronoi bracelet #1 (MEDIUM) Inspired by the use of Voronoi diagrams in a large number of fields ranging from Astronomy to Zoology, we created var...