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Not tested yet.
$14.55 by JustinM
$249.00 by aeron203
The Fire Gauntlet is an articulated hard-shelled glove, 3D printed all at once, fully assembled. The model is based on a 3D scan of my hand, with a...
$39.74 by simmons
This is the power version of my Robotspline
$5.08 by scientist2010
The Fencing Mask Pendant is a symbol for olympic fencing, power and the strength to face the fight, but stands as well for elegance and reserved na...
$36.68 by Reedcsy
 Design is inspired by the yoga Power chakra.30mm tall, about the size of a quarter. Very thin and light weight, back center is hollowed out a...
$18.65 by oookio
Cooling tower of nuclear power plant.
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feeling invincible.
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Model upload from SolidWorks
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Power Star , it can be re-sized to fit your needs.