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$57.04 by MichaelMueller
OK, this tiny fellow is kind of creepy but who says every bunny has to be cute! It's an only child, not for sale.
$54.11 by MichaelMueller
This acorn is a whistle that can be used as a pendant. In Norse mythology, the acorn is the symbol of life, fecundity and immortality ... So, I'm...
Not For Sale by MichaelMueller
Eagle eyes see everything! Now with this whistle, you can notify people that you noticed what they are doing. "Don't throw your garbage on the grou...
$55.69 by MichaelMueller
This whistle is damned loud! It's so noisy, you might be able to wake up the deceased. Therefore, beware of using it near cemeterys on spooky nights!
$57.52 by MichaelMueller
A ring ... but occupied by a snake! To avoid getting bitten, use it as pendant instead.
$35.26 by MichaelMueller
A ring ... but occupied by a bird wearing a suit! Well, everybody needs a rest sometimes. Meanwhile, use it as pendant instead!
$87.44 by MichaelMueller
A dog, man's best friend. It was a long way from the wild wolf to the pampered pet dog of these days. Remember, even your tiny terrier is a descen...