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$5.00 by Ziroby
A Steampunk-style key with a pentacle and a gear
$23.44 by Ray716
On one side there is a Pentacle, on the other a bind rune for Prosperity. I suggest ordering this in Silver or gold plated Bronze for the most symp...
$59.45 by Ray716
A pointed star made out of Tentacles. Perfect for the deep one in your life!
$10.00 by SLOW83
Blessed Be! Pendant for Lady's or Gent's.
$5.00 by Ziroby
A key with pentacle handle
$13.13 by magical_things
The five pointed start speaks to the basic elements or principles of reality. The Tattva's get commonly understood as earth, air, fire, water and a...
$16.90 by FraterFL
4th Solomonic Pentacle of Venus
$36.97 by CorianderShea
$15.00 by Grgach
A beautiful blend of the Celtic Triknot and the classic Pentacle, with the knots forming the bounding circle.
$38.65 by Lazulli
The Pentacle of Earth of the Golden Dawn system in Full colored sandstone - - - Handling and care : This material; Its not watertight; Its not foo...