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Not For Sale by rerum
This modern design is derived from a synthesis of Arabic motifs. This concept was designed as a pen holder, but it can be an elegant container
$43.06 by Molecule
NanoTube / Nano Carbon / Buckminsterfullerene PenHolder
$34.47 by Molecule
Scientifically 100% correct structure!
$34.62 by Magic
A pen holder made of 7 cylinders and 1 sphere. The top half part is an intersection while the bottom half part is an union of these elements. This ...
$9.31 by wjv
Penholder for any Moleskine type notebook and sketchbook. Clips on the backside, behind the binding. For pens and pencils BETWEEN 8 AND 10 MM DIAM...
$16.73 by Imprenta3D
$38.24 by knickknacks
Penholder, paper clip holder, vase for little flowers
Not For Sale by antonioturiello
DESIGN, DOWNLOAD AND DO IT YOURSELF http://antonioturiello.blogspot.com/2014/01/organicube.html
$70.53 by KIM-M.UniqueDesigns™
Not For Sale by AndreasGkertsos
Plexo penholder