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$63.79 by xxstyxx
A old Panel, showing the elder Sign and ancient Glyphs.
$3.32 by leviathale
This a Greek shield that fits minifigures. During the dark ages the Mycenaeans used a shield like this that allowed the user to protect himself and...
$17.76 by Steve3d
Stylised to look as if made by an ancient race, its purpose is undetermined.. Is it merely decorative or...? The item is highly detailed on both s...
$10.38 by GigaBread
This is a 1/18 scale head sculpt. A rotary device is recommended for drilling out space for the neck ball. This design is copyrighted and is intend...
$5.42 by bondp99
a late heavy fighter model used by the Ancient race
$11.44 by chrisis
This amulet has been created from a 3d scan of an actual ancient artifact.The walls of the object have been thinned to make it lighter and attachm...
$89.39 by GADesign
This is a Ancient Relic found in one of the 3D printers @shapeways
$16.58 by theshadow2468
A simple but elegant looking key with an ancient mysteriousness to it's form but modern elegance to its shape. Looks great in metal.
$93.73 by SheilaMunro
Highly Detailed Dragon Skull Pendant approximately 2.4 inches long designed for Sterling Silver.
$84.87 by Anigroove