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$10.16 by williamr
A nuke pawn to tell your opponents they shouldn't be messing with you - Ideal for playing a nice game of thermonuclear chess - (Not printed yet, s...
Not For Sale by Metall
or nice candle holder
$16.74 by tioilmo
Chess Pawn
$8.37 by GizziNTX
The idea for this double helix design has been bouncing around in my head for a few years but I didn't have any reasonable way to produce it before...
$83.31 by WelshDesigns
This model prints one entire side of the chess pieces. You will need to order this once, in one color material, and then again, in a different mat...
$6.26 by WelshDesigns
This is a single chess piece pawn, just in case you want to test print a single piece before you print the entire set.
$1.93 by WurdBendur
A simple game piece for just about any board game. About one cm across at the base.
$19.60 by baltimore
Mal''s totem also available in my shop. this part is bigger than the other totem, and to keep prices low, I have made the walls thinner on this. ...
$6.35 by kristian
Chess Piece, Pawn
$13.99 by SaturnsCurse
a pawn with a top hat and a monicle