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$7.75 by multihawk
Essentially identical to the classic Lego roof tile or ''cheese slope'' as the community calls it but with a handle for minifigures to hold on. The...
$19.99 by Kidmechano
Add some pizzazz to your figure builds with this connector upgrade set. Comes with a variety of connectors that let you add, extra articulation (el...
$5.98 by Elon
This is a replica of the piston in Minecraft, there is a small crank on the side of it which you can turn and then it will extend, it goes about ha...
$7.45 by geoghb
Roof Shroud for HO Prewar PCC cars. St. Louis Car Co. prototype.
$7.83 by xx2747
This Bracket attaches to the servo horizontally. It has two holes on the side so you can adjust the height of the bracket on the servo. This partic...
$12.00 by ihphobby
Roof detail set for IHP N scale AEM7 body shell. Includes two cab-roof mounted air conditioners and one large roof mounted brake resistor grid hou...
$8.10 by metropolicity
A replacement spacer for the scissor layer on a Leatherman Squirt PS4. Will only print in Frosted Ultra Detail.
$173.60 by Sovernigo
$14.99 by jeffsmith
$15.91 by ihphobby
Truck Sideframe Adaptors for Bowser's HO traction trucks. Set of 4 does one car. Updated 10 June 2013.