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$19.97 by flyingfolk
This is a safe case for the openpilot CC3Dhttp://www.openpilot.org/products/openpilot-coptercontrol-platform/ Hardware requirements: for mounting...
$8.34 by help137
Allows mounting your flight controller board at a different angle than your power board or frame mounting holes. 3mm Holes at 45mm and 30.5mm to...
Not For Sale by help137
This is an anti-vibration mount for the Openpilot Copter Control multirotor control board. It should fit any square board with 30.5mm mounting hole...
$7.71 by jes1111
This is the bottom part of the OpenPilot CopterControl case. You also need the top part (Case upper v1) and (optionally) the base (Case base 1 v1)....
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