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$13.62 by Urmi
Aum is the symbol of primordial sound of creation. Its unique shape makes it difficult to put into a design. Here a nice symmetry was achieved by t...
$5.83 by Urmi
A smaller Tri Aum Pendant
$9.52 by Uplifting_Creations
Om symbol pendant. which is a mystical symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.
$55.33 by gameofteper
After my little Angry Birds series which was so well received by the community......... I thought I'll again convert a 2D character to 3D......... ...
$78.58 by Olivergrey
$30.50 by Olivergrey
Want to get a set? + + + + + +
$18.98 by shuuki
Modeled after the OM chant, this piece simulates the 120-140 Hz range of sound. The simulation came from research I did into vibration's effect o...
$8.88 by stephancom
A small block shows the Devanagari symbol of the absolute; when turned 90° to either the right or left, it reveals the latin spelling "OM" "The g...
Not For Sale by FractalWoman
$5.00 by Ziroby
A stylized lotus flower surrounding an "Om".