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$25.12 by stop4stuff
Combining the stylised English Rose synonimous with Rugby and the five Olympic rings a new pendant is born!Created as a personal momento for the UK...
Not For Sale by trishycakes
Just having a bit of fun while watching the Sochi Olympics. A medal for the Shapeways Olympic Medal contest.
$8.84 by djgeenen
Five 3mm diameter rings with stand Total width = 114mm ( 4 1/2 in)
$8.00 by djgeenen
Five 3mm diameter rings suitable for wall mounting Total width = 114mm (4 1/2 in)
Not For Sale by alleazzolini
Hi there! I'm Alessandro and this is my entry for the #ShapewaysOlympics Contest. I left blank the back of the medal, so that there it could be ...
Not For Sale by Corretta
You win an award or trophy and then what? You take it home, put it on your mantle and then watch it gather dust. You can show it to your friends an...
$499.00 by TinyMtn
While not one of the "high" peaks of the Adirondacks, Whiteface Mountain is the easiest to summit (you can drive most of the way and take an eleva...
$19.84 by bryanlesage
Olympic rings Iphone 5 case
Not For Sale by print3dhero
With her raw talent, versatility, and exceptional style, Jamie Anderson has built a reputation as the most solid slopestyle rider in the sport. Com...
Not For Sale by print3dhero
Charles Hamelin gained early recognition upon entering the 2003 World Junior Short Track Championships and took home 2 silver medals in the 500m, 1...