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$22.34 by lensman
This is a 4" version of the smaller Ohm symbol pendant I created a while ago which is still available in my shop here. This larger version could be...
$44.44 by astonetech
$47.96 by astonetech
$250.58 by astonetech
$70.77 by AlbinKlein
$58.26 by intual
$69.87 by KeithRogers3d
A pair of Earrings in shape of the Om symbol. These earrings DO NOT contain earloops/earwires. The customer will have to source and buy these separ...
$21.85 by Junglegymboy
OM. Tubular. 6-1/4" X 6-1/8" The unity, the one. Atone here.
$5.05 by lensman
The main image here shows the White Detail pendant having been dyed with tea and then coated in acrylic gloss. Om, Aum, Ohm is a holy meditation sy...
$15.86 by Baghtal
Aum, Om, or Omkara, However you spell it or whatever name you give it, The Aum represents the beginning, life-span and ending of the universe and ...