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$49.79 by LouisRHunt
$12.40 by LouisRHunt
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$22.34 by 3DGB_Designs
The Mini Spinning Octagon Vase is a small decorative vase. It is small and can be placed anywhere. You can use for just design or place small, shor...
$48.32 by Octane
$33.37 by evelazco
Simple ring, size 9 availability only. Will include new sizes soon.
$55.30 by Octane
A fashionable eye wear design by Octagon Systems for protecting your eyes against sunlight. This design features a new system that allows the earpi...
Not For Sale by acamori
A simple vase with the idea of swooping motion.
$48.38 by 3DGB_Designs
The Spinning Octagon Plate is a unique piece of dinnerware. This fine dining accessory makes anything placed on it stand out. It can be purchased i...