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$11.36 by subspace3D
Lockable Nut
$1.98 by TijsB
$6.43 by TijsB
$24.56 by Depsy
This is a pendant for a necklace, it's made with inspiration from nature. Drawn in Solidworks.
$1,388.46 by Prince.Demitri
The first of the steampunk series of items. Available from ring size 3 to 16, including half sizes.
$5.00 by taikonaught
40 Miniature bolt heds, designed to be used on tanks and scenery, or on architectural models or train sets.
$7.02 by Mandalorian
Simple, yet oh so desirable...
$67.00 by trenchPhysics
Drink your coffee out of a giant bolt. Suggest printing in Food safe ceramic.
$17.37 by trenchPhysics
Drink your shots from a bolt shotglass.
$7.32 by taikonaught
Due to Shapeways' new pricing structure for FUD, most of my products now seem unreasonably expensive. This is because there is now a $5 start up ...