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$21.26 by EricsStudio
This is a 54mm version of the girl figure
$66.25 by 3dmob
Home decor nude female statue.
$75.02 by ArtObjects203
A curving female form compliments a simple, practical cup.
$55.44 by EricsStudio
Let me know if you want a smaller size.  
$277.08 by Heart_Of_The_Moon_designs
A sensual, tender expression of pure love ...
$122.38 by Heart_Of_The_Moon_designs
A sculpt study of a female body .
$30.17 by Heart_Of_The_Moon_designs
A small sculpt of female musculature study in color . Texture painted manually in zBrush .
$25.12 by bluecow
$28.32 by EricsStudio
$10.26 by 3gfisch
successful printed in WSF Polished 10cm version