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$9.05 by dddguy789
Ever "shotgun" a beer? The age old tradition of "shotgunning" a beer has always been an arduous task. That is until now! With this simple keychain,...
$23.83 by Dlydian
This is a 4cm wide cuff inspired by the spirit of a teenager.
$124.72 by GADesign
This pendant is designed with the beauty of nature in mind, and even though it's being 3D Printed in Metal it still has a organic look to it. Wear...
$19.99 by Kidmechano
Add some pizzazz to your figure builds with this connector upgrade set. Comes with a variety of connectors that let you add, extra articulation (el...
$10.00 by ShawnMoghadam
Secret Military Harrier Spaceship toy. The FalconR Transporter. This is a design I worked on a couple years ago in combination with a car design....
$61.39 by FabMeJewelry
3D Printed Tiara for real Pricesses ! This tiara will need some love to be held in place on the head, not for use with very short hair.If you hav...
$17.67 by yellowhouse
Jack-a-lope, the Yeti's best friend. 2.9 inches tall. 1.7inches wide. A wonderful Easter gift.
$34.49 by IanGarrett
This pendant design is a smaller version of my Twisted Cleff Sculpture. The design was inspired by the idea of knot designs found in Celtic and Isl...
Not For Sale by ThomasDurandOriginal
1/43 Scale
$63.95 by GADesign
Make your girl happy, give her some nice geometric jewelry ! Inspired by : Escher