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$11.30 by DrescherDesigns
A 4 Leaf Clover in 3D! - A clover shaped form with a small HIDDEN BALL that can travel through the interior. An example of an object that can only ...
$37.82 by RVeldhuyzen
The Mythosaur Skull symbol in pendant form.
$9.01 by rschmidt777
This is a cross pendant to be worn as a necklace. The verse on the front is John 3: 16 and i hope to get this as a customizable function at some po...
$7.00 by ASCPhotos&Designs
$6.85 by meldon
Very light Ying-Yang! Buy a pair, combine materials with diferent colours!
$101.00 by DrescherDesigns
A balance between the light "Icosa Minima", and the heavier "Icosa Maxima", this icosahedral form retains the light airy "see-through-ness" of the ...
$58.11 by sanderswilliam444